Year 6 Summer Term – Journey back to Ancient Baghdad

This term, we will journey back to Ancient Baghdad and learn why it was such an important centre for learning and trade. We will investigate the Silk Road and discover how the collapse of this important trade route led to the age of exploration.


We will learn where Baghdad is on maps of the world and identify the region of Mesopotamia. We will also identify trade routes both in and out of Baghdad.

We will also learn how to read an ordnance survey map and plot points using a 6 figure grid reference.


Our indoor focus this term is using what we have learned in gymnastics to create routines using apparatus. We are also going to refine our athletics skills both indoors and outdoors. We will focus on improving personal performance in running, jumping and throwing events. In games, we will be  practising our batting and fielding skills as we play Kwik Cricket.


This term, we learn all about different composers both classical and modern. We study different musical styles and make comparisons between live and pre-recorded performances. We also put our skills into practice through our end of year production.

Design Technology

Our focus for this term is the Round City of Baghdad. Following a detailed brief, which replicates the original design, we apply our knowledge of scaling to construct our own version before evaluating our completed model.


In the first half of this term, our focus in Science is evolution and inheritance. We will learn about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution and we will complete a practical investigation into survival of the fittest.

In the second part of the term, we investigate the circulatory system and learn how exercise has a positive impact on our bodies.


History is the main driving force in our theme work this term as we complete our non-European study that contrasts with British history.

· We will understand why AD900 was the Islamic ‘Golden Age’

· We study the construction and growth of Baghdad

· We also find out about life in Baghdad during this time

· We investigate the impact of this civilization on the wider world


We will further develop our understanding of algorithms, learning how to detect and correct errors. We will then use Scratch to develop our own algorithms for a specific purpose.

As we create our own projects, we will also learn how to collect, analyse and sift information before presenting it using a range of software.


This term, we are going to learn about holidays and travel. We will use our prior learning to pack our suitcase and will then learn the vocabulary associated with holidays and tourism. We will learn words and phrases that are commonly used on holiday and will even send a postcard home!


This term we will learn about the beliefs and values of the Muslim people as we study Islam.  We will find out how belief in Akhirah helps Muslims lead good lives and with the help of a visitor from Northumbria University, we will have the opportunity to discuss and explore how Muslims interpret Greater Jihad.


We will research patterns and images used in Islamic art before creating our own interpretations. We also look at the architecture in Ancient Baghdad and compare it with the work of a modern architect.

Our final artist study of the year focuses on the work of Van Gogh.


Our focus this term is our role in the wider world. We will develop our own money sense and think about ways we can plan for our financial future.

We will also think about our transition into Year 7 as we begin the next chapter of our educational journey!

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on one of the following links to find out more.