Year 6 News 2019-2020

Great angle investigations in Maths this week- well done Year 6!

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A huge thank you to Mr. Evans who visited Year 6 this week to talk about the importance of Easter traditions.

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Well done to Year 6 on their fantastic 500 Word Stories this week. We are now entered in the competition- best of luck everyone!


Year 6 have learned about genetics and money sense this week during our STEM Week in school. Many thanks to the adults who came in to share their expertise with us.

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Low Fell Christmas Tree switch on



Well done to the Year 6 mixed netball team for coming 3rd in their group! A great afternoon was had by all!


Well done to our Year 6 girls who played in the football tournament this week- you all gave 100%.


Year 6 have been thinking about Remembrance Day this and have attended special services to pay their respects to all servicemen and women.

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Year 6 have been code cracking World War 2 style this week!

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Year 6 working hard in Science investigating working and broken circuits.


Well done to all three Year 6 rugby teams that represented school at Blaydon Rugby Club this week- you did us all proud!

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Thank you so much to Catherine Bush from the Rotary Club of Gateshead and some of the Low Fell Volunteer Gardening Group for our very informative assembly on World Polio Day. Our Year 6 pupils will be planting purple crocus bulbs next week to support this very worthwhile cause.

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Great calculation work in Year 6 this week- we have all shown great perseverance!

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Beamish Museum

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed working with our visitor from Beamish as they learned all about being an evacuee during WWII.
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Year 6 were evacuated to Beamish and learned about chores around the farm during WWII. We also practised marching to help us join the Home Guard. Thank you so much to our parent volunteers for enabling us to go on our fantastic visit!