Year 5 Autumn Term – Road Trip USA

An in-depth study of the USA and the similarities and differences with the UK.

Art and Design

This term, we will continue to improve our mastery of techniques using a range of media and in a variety of different styles:

· The American Eagle-  sketching & oil pastels

· Clay models of Mt. Rushmore

· Martin Luther King portrait graffiti art

This term, we will also learn about the artwork of Peter Max and Gutzan Borglum’s creation of Mount Rushmore.

Design Technology

Our unit in the autumn is cooking and nutrition with a focus on food production. We will study how ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed and will make contrasts between farming in the UK and the USA.


In computing, we will continue to develop our understanding of online safety. We will learn about our digital footprint and explore ways to keep ourselves safe online. We will investigate the importance of having a positive profile and will find out about online scams.


We investigate various aspects of American history.  Topics we cover include the following:

· The birth of a Nation and the War of Independence with the British

· Learning about the key figures in American history including Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln

· Study of Henry Hudson and early European settlers 

· Research Martin Luther King and anyalse evidence from a range of sources

· Understand the chronology of American history and identify the significance of key dates

· Learn about NASA and when it was established

· The history of the American Flag


This term, we will investigate both the physical and human geography of North America.

· The location of the 50 states

· We will study the similarities and differences between the states

· We will investigate early settlements and the significance of their location

· By planning our own road trips across America , we will learn about time zones

· We will do an in-depth study of the Hudson River

· We will investigate how America is shown on a range of different maps and plans


As we begin the year, we will evaluate our own health and well being. We will learn to identify different emotions that we may feel and find strategies to help us cope with our feelings. We will also explore our dreams and aspirations and find out about the things that are important to us. As well as learning about our mental health, we will also learn about physical things we can do to keep us healthy such as having a balanced diet.


This term, our focus is on the properties of materials and the changes that happen as a result of heating and cooling. We will learn about reversible and irreversible changes and learn about new materials that may be formed. We will also investigate materials that can be dissolved and describe ways we can recover a substance from a solution.


Through well know American songs, we will develop our understanding of musical notation and begin to use ‘notes’ to compose songs. We will also learn to perform on the glockenspiel, including the use of ‘Garage Band’.


In the first half of the term, our focus is Christianity and we investigate the best ways for Christians to show their commitment to God.

As Christmas approaches, we explore the Nativity story in greater detail and investigate the question— Could the Christmas story be true?


In Year 5, we begin by learning more about French culture and we develop our pronunciation while learning new greetings and commonly used words and phrases.


During our indoor PE lessons, we will be going swimming and learning about water safety. Outdoors, we will develop our basketball and football skills as we continue to learn how to use positioning as part of a team in small sided competitive games.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on one of the following links to find out more.