Year 4 Autumn Term – The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

An in depth study of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

Art and Design

We will study and replicate the amazing art work of the period using a range of different media:

· We will make mixed media Egyptian pharaohs

· Scarab beetle sketching & oil pastels

· Collage of King Tutankhamun’s Death Mask

· Relief sculptures—clay tiles for a tomb

Our Artist study for this term is Frida Kahlo

Design Technology

Our focus this term is irrigation so we will be researching, designing and making our own version of a shaduf before evaluating our completed product.


We investigate various aspects of life in Ancient Egypt.  Topics we cover include the following:

· Finding out when Ancient Egypt fits into a historical time line

· Learning about the location of this ancient civilization and find Egypt on maps and plans

· Investigating the chronology of Ancient Egypt: old, middle & new kingdoms

· Exploring their achievements: medicine, mummification, writing, buildings, farming, maths, language, paper & calendar

· Investigating the social hierarchy

· Discovering facts about Egyptian pharaohs and religion

· Learning about the mummification process and why it happened


In computing, we will learn all about the importance of being safe online.  We find out how to create safe passwords and how to be careful when sharing information. We also learn about the internet and the way that it works.


This term, we will investigate both the physical and human geography of Egypt.  We complete an in depth study of the River Nile and learn why it was so important to this early civililisation.


We learn about the way sounds are created and combined to create effects. We begin to learn about harmonies and how to combine music and lyrics. We also start learning how to play a simple tune using the keyboard on Garage Band.


In the first half of the term, we will learn about states of matter and the scientific properties of solids, liquids and gases. We complete practical investigations to find out what happens when things are heated or cooled.

In autumn 2 , we will find out all about the human body with a focus on the digestive system. We learn about our internal organs and why we need them. This is closely linked to our history work on mummification.


We all find out what makes us special and learn about the importance of perseverance and resilience in all aspects of our life. We will discover strategies to help us when we find something tricky or get frustrated. We continue to explore the negative impact of bullying and why it isn’t acceptable.


In the first half of the term, our focus is Judaism. We investigate the ways the Jewish people show their relationship with God and we learn all about ‘The Passover’.

As Christmas approaches, we develop our knowledge of the nativity story and explore symbolism. We also learn about Christingles.


In Year 4, we will continue to develop our spoken and written French.  We find out how to talk about ourselves in greater detail and  we learn how to say colours and parts of our body.


For our indoor sessions we are going to start with a focus on gymnastics. We will learn how to link movements to create short routines as both an individual and in a small group. We are also going to be introduced to badminton and practise sending the shuttlecock over the net in order to create a rally.  Outdoors, we learn the skills to play competitive invasion games including netball and tag rugby.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on one of the following links to find out more.