Year 3 Summer Term – Invaders and Settlers

A study of Anglo-Saxon Britain and the Viking Invasion.

Art and Design

This term, we are going to create art inspired by the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.

We are going to create our own Saxon brooches after developing our ideas in our sketch books. We are also going to draw our own illuminated letters.

Our artist study for this term is Andy Warhol and the work of Lichtenstein

Design Technology

Our focus in DT this term is to create products that contain mechanical and electrical systems. We will begin by testing and evaluating existing products before designing and building our own.

We will also make links to our history work as we design and make our own Viking longboats.


We are going to be learning how to use a range of software to present our own work. We will practise a range of skills including typing, printing documents, presenting text with different effects, cut, copy and paste, spell checker, delete, insert and replace text


History is our main subject for this term. We will learn about the following aspects of  Anglo-Saxon Britain and the Viking invasion:

· Anglo-Saxon villages and society

· Crime and punishment in Anglo-Saxon Britain

· Saxon crafts

· Myths and legends

· The burial at Sutton Hoo

· The Lindisfarne Monks

· Viking raids

· Attacks on Lindisfarne

· Study of Viking artefacts

· Viking ship building

· The struggle for the Kingdom of England


Although this is mainly a history based topic, we will still do lots of Geography. We will investigate the sea routes of the Viking invaders  and find out where they settled in England and why.

We will identify Viking settlements based on place names and study the early kingdoms that were established in Britain making comparisons between now and then.


There are two aspects to our PHSE work this term. First we are going to learn about our own bodies and how they are changing as we grow.  Then we are going to learn about the emergency services and how to get help if we ever need it.


In the first half of the summer term, we will investigate the things a plant needs to grow and be healthy. We will identify specific parts of flowering plants and learn about their life cycle.

In the second part of the term, we are going to learn about light. We will find out how light travels and complete practical investigations about the way in which shadows are created.


Our focus this term is Sikhism. We will explore the Sikh beliefs and investigate the best ways for a Sikh to demonstrate their faith.


We will be listening to and comparing music from different times and from different cultures. We will listen for similarities and differences and express our own opinions.


The term we are going to continue to develop our spoken and written French by learning some new vocabulary. It will include aspects of the following topics:

Telling the time

Food and drink

Classroom objects


During our indoor sessions, we are going to learn basic athletic skills including running, jumping and throwing. Then, we will learn the basic skills we need to play handball.  When working outside, we will learn how to create a short rally in tennis and will use our striking and fielding skills to play simple, small sided games of rounders.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on one of the following links to find out more.