Year 3 have been enjoying reading The 13 Storey Treehouse. This week they have written playscripts and acted them out.  They did a fantastic job! 

Can you spot the flying cat?

img_1228 img_1229 img_1230 img_1232 img_1233 img_1234 img_1235 img_1236 img_1237 img_1238 img_1239 img_1240 img_1241 img_1242 img_1243 img_1244 img_1245

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Chris Connaughton

We had a fantastic day when Chris Connaughton came to visit us.  He performed the well-known myth ‘Perseus and the Gorgons’ and we were all enthralled.  Just look at some of our faces when we realised how the myth was going to end.  Year 3 wrote some brilliant letters and diary entries in role as some of the characters.

img_1174 img_1176 img_1178 img_1179 img_1181 img_1182 img_1185

Image result for music gifMusic

We are all enjoying doing music with Mr Roberts from St. Nicholas’ Cathedral this term.  Not only are we learning lots of new songs, some of them are even in Latin!  Performing songs in a round is not easy, but Year 3 are doing brilliantly.  Following the conductor is essential and some of us have even led the class in our singing.  We are also beginning to control the way sounds are made through our breathing.

img_1102 img_1103 img_1110 img_1096 img_1094 img_1090 img_1092 img_1127 img_1125 img_1122 img_1117 img_1114 img_1143 img_1149 img_1160 img_1162 img_1169

Centre for Life Visi

This week we have had a fantastic time at the Centre for Life.    We explored the Curiosity Zone and the Brain Zone which were really interesting.  We got to use the equipment available and test out some of our scientific theories.

It was the last chance to see the Dino Jaws exhibition so we made the most of it.  Not only did we see lots of robotic dinosaurs, we also learned lots of interesting facts too.

The science show was all about the gases that exist all around us.  We covered our ears in anticipation of some of the bangs!

img_0795 img_0796 img_0797 img_0798 img_0799 img_0800 img_0801 img_0802 img_0803 img_0804 img_0805 img_0806 img_0807 img_0808 img_0809 img_0810 img_0811 img_0812 img_0813 img_0814 img_0815 img_0816 img_0817img_0819 img_0820 img_0821 img_0822 img_0823 img_0824 img_0825 img_0826 img_0827 img_0828 img_0830 img_0831 img_0832 img_0833 img_0834 img_0835 img_0837 img_0838 img_0839 img_0840 img_0841 img_0842 img_0843 img_0844 img_0845 img_0847 img_0848 img_0849img_0851 img_0852 img_0853 img_0854 img_0855 img_0856 img_0857 img_0858 img_0859 img_0860 img_0861 img_0862img_0864img_0868 img_0869img_0874 img_0875 img_0876 img_0877img_0520 img_0521 img_0522 img_0523 img_0524 img_0525 img_0526 img_0529 img_0531 img_0533 img_0534 img_0535 img_0536 img_0537 img_0538


Exploding Volcanoes – Science experiment

img_0575 img_0582

Children in year three have enjoyed experimenting with friction. The classroom became Brands Hatch as the children rolled race cars along different surfaces. They were experts at measuring and timing the results!

img_0294 img_0295 img_0296 img_0297 img_0298 img_0299 img_0300 img_0301 img_0302 img_0303 img_0304 img_0306 img_0309 img_0313

“We are excited about our Extreme earth topic and have created some beautiful volcano art.”

img_0479 img_0480 img_0483img_0334img_0338

Keeping fit and healthy in PE playing hockey.

img_0458 img_0459 img_0460 img_0461 img_0463 img_0464 img_0465 img_0466 img_0467 img_0468 img_0469 img_0470

We had great fun doing PE and exploring our new multi skill playground markings.  We discovered that there were so many games we could play which meant we were active and having lots of fun too.

img_0471 img_0472 img_0473 img_0474 img_0475 img_0476 img_0477 img_0478

 Enjoying the Snow!

We had great fun in the snow!  As part of our Extreme Earth topic we took the temperature of the snow and then did it again when it had melted.  We decided to take the snowman’s temperature too!


As part of our Blast from the Past topic, we have been studying the Anglo Saxons.  This week we have been making Anglo Saxon jewellery made from clay.  We really enjoyed exploring the clay, moulding it into the right shape and then using the special tools to add lots of intricate detail.

img_0322 img_0320 img_0319 img_0318 img_0317 img_0316 img_0315 img_0313 img_0312 img_0311 img_0306 img_0307 img_0308 img_0309 img_0310 img_0305

img_0175 img_0177 img_0178 img_0179 img_0180 img_0181 img_0182 img_0183 img_0184 img_0185 img_0186 img_0187 img_0188 img_0189 img_0190 img_0191 img_0192 img_0193 img_0194 img_0195 img_0196 img_0197 img_0198 img_0199 img_0200 img_0201 img_0202 img_0203 img_0204 img_0205 img_0206 img_0207 img_0208 img_0209 img_0210 img_0211 img_0212 img_0213 img_0214 img_0215 img_0216 img_0217 img_0218 img_0219 img_0220 img_0221 img_0222 img_0223 img_0224 img_0225 img_0226 img_0227 img_0228 img_0229 img_0230 img_0231 img_0232 img_0233

img_0304 img_0303 img_0302 img_0301 img_0300 img_0299 img_0298 img_0297 img_0296 img_0295 img_0294 img_0293 img_0292 img_0291


Last week was ‘Anti Bullying Week’ and Year Three thoroughly enjoyed the workshop we had.  The key word was respect and we worked in groups and performed for each other showing how we respect each other.

img_0262 img_0263 img_0268 img_0269 img_0271 img_0272 img_0278 img_0279

Roman Day

What fabulous Romans we have in year 3.  A huge thank you to all parents, carers and grandparents who helped with costumes to make the day a memorable one.

img_0173 img_0174 img_0175 img_0176 img_0178 img_0179 img_0180 img_0181 img_0182 img_0183 img_0184 img_0186 img_0187 img_0188 img_0189 img_0190 img_0191 img_0192 img_0193 img_0194 img_0195 img_0196 img_0197 img_0198 img_0199 img_0200 img_0201 img_0202 img_0203 img_0205

img_0096 img_0099 img_0101 img_0103 img_0104 img_0107

Science Week – Measuring Shadows

img_0207 img_0208 img_0210 img_0212 img_0213img_0142 img_0144 img_0145 img_0147 img_0148

Roman Fort

Year 3 went to Arbeia Roman Fort to learn more about life in Roman times.  We explored the ruins in our groups and learned some interesting facts.  We also took part in a workshop in the ‘Time Quest’ room where we became archaeologists.  This was really good fun and we uncovered lots of Roman artefacts.  We’re already looking forward to ‘Roman Day’ next month!

Side view of the West Gate at Arbeiaimg_0020 img_0028 img_0031 img_0033 img_0035 img_0036 img_0038 img_0043 img_0045 img_0046 img_0047 img_0050 img_0051 img_0053 img_0056 img_0058 img_0059img_0031 img_0033 img_0034 img_0035 img_0036 img_0037 img_0038 img_0040

img_0042 img_0044 img_0049 img_0052 img_0056 img_0060 img_0061 img_0062 img_0063 img_0064 img_0066 img_0067 img_0068 img_0069 img_0070 img_0071 img_0072 img_0073 img_0074 img_0075 img_0076 img_0077 img_0078 img_0079 img_0081 img_0082 img_0083 img_0085 img_0086 img_0087 img_0089 img_0091

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Being Archaeologists


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Stone Henge Silhoettes

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