Year 2 go into the woods…

Year 2 had a fabulous day at Hamsterley Forest! 

Pooh sticks, adventure playgrounds and hunting for bugs and beasties – such a perfect day!

Explore Hamsterley Forest here

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On Wednesday, Year 2 were taken back to the Victorian times with an enactment of Alice and Wonderland. The children worked with storyteller Chris Connaughton to learn more about Lewis Carroll and his famous story. We explored writing riddles, the ‘ch’ challenge, creating shape poems and writing Rebus letters. It was a fantastic day and inspired everyone to get creative with their writing.

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Today, Y2 have been learning about food hygiene, healthy eating and food waste in our Food Technology lesson by Warburtons. We were very excited to learn about how bread was made and to then make our own healthy sandwich wearing our snazzy hairnets and aprons. We all successfully completed the Warburtons School Visitors Programme and we will be able to share our learning at home with our food booklets. In the afternoon, we will be attempting to run a mile in the yard so we were happy for the extra energy before lunch.

Let’s get healthy!

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 Fire! Fire! Burning our Tudor Houses

Image result for read all about it



On Tuesday and Friday afternoons, Year 2 learn through actively choosing their ‘jobs’.  From writing a new song based on ‘London’s Burning’, creating a Tudor house or programming a Beebot, they are all fully engaged in their work and ultimately enjoy what they are doing. We love getting creative and being motivated to learn more.

img_0832 img_0833 img_0834 img_0835 img_0836 img_0838 img_0844 img_0846 img_0849 img_0970 img_0971 img_0972 img_0973 img_0975 img_0976 img_0978


Year 2 exploring healthy food and exercise with Marcus

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We had great fun with each other in the snow!

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SCIENCE WEEK – Professor Onesmith came into school to work with us in Year 2. 

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Ahoy there matey..

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“Sucking a lemon helps to get rid of the scurvey…”img_0151 img_0163 img_0166 img_0167 img_0170 img_0172 img_0175 img_0179 img_0181 img_0183

Ahoy there me hearties!

Year 2 have had a drama filled, action packed, first week back at school.  Juniper class took part in a drama workshop on Wednesday – they learnt a play all about pirates, which they later performed to Poplar class.  The children from both classes are excited to learn all about pirates this half term and have been planning their learning.

img_0707 img_0713 img_0716 img_0718 img_0735 img_0738 img_0740img_0704