Year 2 – Oceans and Islands

Join us as we sail across the seven seas and learn about the oceans and islands that make up the surface of our planet.

Art and Design

This term,  we will learn all about sketching and learn new and interesting techniques to achieve a particular effect. We will also begin to use charcoal to show shading in our drawings.

We are also going to investigate colour in our artwork. We will find out different ways that we can change the shade and tone of a colour without the use of black.

Our artist for this term is Alex Echo. We are going to learn about him and his work and be inspired by the pictures he produces.

For our 3D art work we are going to create our own sea creatures using clay and we will do some printing on polystyrene tiles.

Design Technology

We are going to use our learning from Science to research, design and build our own pirate ships. We then test our designs to see if they will float.


This term, we are going to learn about the lives of some remarkable individuals whose actions are recorded in the history books. We will find out about some truly terrible pirates but also about the real life heroes and heroines of the sea. We will focus particularly on the life of Grace Darling and find out how her bravery helped save the lives of many others.


We are going to start by investigating ways we can stay safe online before developing our understanding of the programmes we can use to present our own work.


In this topic, we have the opportunity to locate and name all seven continents and the five major oceans that make up our planet. We will explore the physical and human features of coastlines using the correct geographical vocabulary and we will find out why lighthouses are so important in some places.

We will also explore maps and plans and learn how to create our own maps with the correct features.


We will start by listening to lots of different music, both recorded and live, and will  describe it using the correct musical terms such as pitch and rhythm. We will then begin to compose our own music using tuned and untuned instruments. We will also learn how to use our voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes.


Our first science topic is all about materials. We will investigate the different properties and discover why some materials are better suited for certain things. We will learn how some solid materials can actually change shape through bending, twisting and squashing.

We are also going to find out about the animals that live in the sea. We will learn about their habitats and what they need to live.


PHSE is a very important part of our curriculum. We are going to learn about our own feelings and emotions and discover ways that we can control our feelings through the zones of regulation. We are also going to investigate kindness and find out what it means to be kind to others.

This term, we will also find out what it means to be a hero and investigate the real life heroes in our everyday lives.


In the autumn, our focus will be on Christianity and we will find out how Christians show kindness to others. We will then investigate the belief that Jesus was a gift from God and discover what this means for people who share the Christian faith. We will also learn about how Christians believe in the Christmas Story.


We begin P.E in Year 2  by refining and improving our basic movements including running, jumping, throwing, catching.  After some practise, we will introduce learn how to play small sided team games.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum, we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on the following link to find out more.