Year 2 – A Bugs Life

Find out about the lives of mini-beasts and explore their micro-habitats.

Art and Design

Our art this term is all inspired by mini-beasts. We are going to use sketch books to make observational drawings and then use colour to give images an artistic twist!

We are also going to experiment with paint to create our own images inspired by our topic.

Design Technology

Linked to our work on plants, we are going to find out where our food comes from. We are then going to create our own, bug shaped, healthy snacks ensuring we think about hygiene rules when handling food.

We are also going to research, design and make our own minibeast tiles using clay and different clay tools.


We are going to continue our work on programming and debugging codes. This term our focus is going to be programming robots to follow directions and navigate around a specific route.


This term is all about developing our fieldwork skills. We will be conducting our own weather surveys and thinking about the best way to record our data.

We are also going to draw maps and plans of our school and local area and classify Low Fell as a type of settlement based on the amenities we have.


We are going to create our own sounds using instruments and our own voices. We will investigate the ways in which the sounds work together and will combine sounds for a specific purpose.


First we are going to learn all about plants by investigating what they need to grow and be healthy. After that, we will explore  different habitats and find the names for all the different things that live there.  We will learn how they depend on each other to survive and will create simple food chains for the areas we are studying.


Our theme for this term is the human body and the importance of keeping healthy. We will learn how it is important to have a healthy diet but also to get moving and exercise.


This term, we are going to be learning about Islam. We will find out what it means to be a Muslim and how going to a Mosque helps to create a sense of belonging. We will investigate the importance of prayer in the Islam faith and answer the question – Does praying at regular intervals every day help a Muslim in his/her everyday life?


Our indoor sessions are all about running, jumping, throwing and improving our own skills by practising and learning new techniques. When working outside, we will continue to work on our hand/eye coordination as we master skills in throwing, catching and sending over a net.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum, we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on the following link to find out more.