Year 1 – All about Me!

In this topic we are going to find out all about us! We will investigate our thoughts and feelings and find out what makes us special and unique.  We are also going to learn about our relationships with others and what makes us a good friend.  Our learning is a combination of taught lessons and independent tasks designed to help us practise our new skills and knowledge. We call these ‘Rainbow’ challenges.

Art and Design

Our focus for this topic is collage. The children will investigate different materials and techniques to create their own unique picture or image.


We are going to learn about online safety and how to keep ourselves safe when using technology.

Design Technology

Using what we learn in Science, we are going to make models by choosing the most appropriate materials and joining them in different ways.


We are going to investigate our family tree and learn about changes that have happened since we were born.


Our focus for this part of the term is Christianity. Linking to our other subject areas we are going to find out what made Jesus a good friend.


As we learn about our own immediate surroundings, we will find out how to draw maps and plans of our classroom and our school.


As we learn about ourselves, we will begin to use our voices and sing songs from memory!


Our first topic in Science is materials. We will find out what different objects are made from and group them in different ways. We are also going to investigate recycling and why it is so important.


For our first PE sessions we will learn how to move our bodies, changing shapes and heights to create simple dance routines.


At the start of the term, we are going to learn about our emotions. Using our zones for learning we will find out how to control our feelings and get ourselves ready to learn.

We will also use stories to explore relationships with others and identify parts of the story that can help us.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on the following link to find out more.