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Mary Poppins Jr Production at Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy


Year 5 were invited to see the pupils of Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy perform Mary Poppins Jr.  The children had an inspirational morning watching talented pupils perform on stage.  A huge thank you to Lord Lawson for inviting us along and providing the transport to take us.


Feedback from our Year 5 pupils

I thought the characterisation and music was brilliant.  I particularly enjoyed the way they brought the story line to life with the fantastic acting.  It was great to see children acting so well.  I hope I will aspire to be such a good actor.


I really liked it!  You could see the actors had worked really hard.  It was one of the best shows ever and I would recommend it for the whole world.  The actors deserve a pat on the back!  I cannot believe they have learnt that in a few months.


I enjoyed the play because it had lots of great songs and dances in it.  My favourite part was when they all danced together in the middle.  You can tell that the performers have worked very hard to get the performance perfect.  It was one of the best shows I have ever seen.  The cast deserve a massive round of applause.  It was amazing how they performed it without any mistakes.  You couldn’t tell it was a dress rehearsal…


I really enjoyed watching Mary Poppins Jr.  It was a great experience!  The actors had clearly worked really hard on this to perform in front of an audience the way they did.  All of the songs were really good too.  I bet everybody who watched the show were astounded by how amazing it was. It was stupendous!


Dear Lord Lawson  

I enjoyed the morning watching the Lord Lawson version of Mary Poppins and I found it great because I have never seen Mary Poppins before.  The pupils from your school are amazing singers and they are really good actors too.  I really felt I was in Cherrytree Lane.  It was Mary Poppins in Lord Lawson style.  Ten out of ten from me and everyone else at Kells Lane Primary School.

Yours Sincerely

Year 5 pupils  


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Preparation for Dance Festival

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Maths Multiplication & Division

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PE – Hockey and Dance

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Project Afternoons



Science visit with Mrs Robson from Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy



Since the start of the new school year, Year 5 have had 2 exciting trips. Firstly, we went on an innovation trail in Newcastle City Centre as part of the Great North Exhibition. The children got a chance to explore the Great North Museum, the Northern Stage and the Laing Art Gallery.

The Great North Exhibition



This week, the children visited the Palace Green Library in Durham and had a great time working as historians, handling real and replica Ancient Greek artefacts. They also took part in different activities in the gallery such as building temples and playing Ancient Greek games. The day was finished off nicely with the children taking part in performing a Greek tragedy which was a lot of fun.