School Council

Welcome to our School Council page. Here you will find out about the role of our school council and how it works.

At Kells Lane, we believe that every child has a voice and should be given the opportunity to be heard. Through our school council we aim to involve every child right across the school. Our school council is made up of 3 different aspects; Action Teams, Communication Teams and Class Meetings. We are part of the Smart School Council Community.

The Communication Team is made up of pupils from year 6. It is their job to oversee what is happening around school, support other children who have ideas or suggestions and keep everyone updated. They hold a weekly team meeting, run our weekly, Monday assembly where they update the whole school and meet with individuals and groups of children and staff, to ensure all ideas are being heard.

The Communication Team for 2021-22

Action Teams are groups of children who have a shared idea or interest. Anyone can start or join an action team. All you need is an idea, some people to help you and a member of staff to sponsor you. Groups are set up by pupils to make a difference to the school community by:

changing something in school for the better

or sharing a passion

This gives all pupils the power to make decisions and become leaders of change. Action Teams are displayed on our progress board which is updated weekly by the communication team.

Class Meetings are held weekly. The Communication Team meet to decide the topic based on ideas sent in by pupils and staff. The meeting question is sent out to all classes and the children run their own meetings. Different children take on the role of the meeting leader and the note taker. They discuss the questions in small teams before voting on their chosen answer. These are then sent back to the communication team and actions are put in place.