Our Recovery Curriculum 2020/2021

As we plan for a new academic year in 2020-21, our planning will be unlike anything we have experienced before.

We are mindful that:

  • Some children will have experienced no time in school since March 2020
  • The National Curriculum and EYFS curriculum have not been fully taught to those pupils in school or learning from home since March 2020
  • It will not be possible for children to experience fully the closure we would wish them to have from the end of the current academic year and prepare for the beginning of the new academic year
  • Whilst some pupils will have engaged fully with home learning, many will not. This will be through no fault of their own but due to a wide range of factors including:
  • Some children may have experienced a lack of IT equipment to access Virtual Learning
  • Some children may have needed to share equipment with siblings and parents also working from home (both lT and physical resources such as pens, paper, books etc)
  • Some children may be feeling the impact of anxiety and mental health issues
  • Some children may have faced illness (their own or that of family members)

There are 5 key levers within a Recovery Curriculum. We will use some of these principles to help us create and embed our curriculum during the next academic year.

These are:

Lever 1: Relationships – We should not assume that relationships will be as they were or can be picked up from this point but plan for them to be restored and renewed.

Lever 2: Community – the new school, local and world ‘community’ will be very different to the old one prior to the crisis. We must give pupils the opportunity to learn about the new community by hearing, accepting and then learning from one another’s points of view to build the new community.

Lever 3: Transparent curriculum – recognise that we have missed learning opportunities since March and this has created gaps in understanding, perhaps also that some misunderstanding and misconceptions may have arisen. We need to plan to help address these areas – not with a barren, unbalanced diet of catch-up but with a carefully planned curriculum which identifies these areas and addresses them in a way which will enable all
pupils to move forward and reach their age related end points by the end of next academic year. This will make learning measured and appropriate to the needs of all learners.

Lever 4: Metacognition – acknowledge that children learn in many different ways and help them to become proficient in recognising and applying learning strategies which will help them to get the most from every learning opportunity.

Lever 5: Space – to remember who they were, discover who they are now and explore who they would like to be in the future.