Year 5 Residential Visit to Winmarleigh 2016

20 May 2016

On Wednesday 10th February, many excited Year 5 children arrived at school ready for adventure. They were setting off to Winmarleigh Hall, a PGL centre near Lancaster, for their residential visit. With two nights sharing a dorm room and many challenging activities to experience, this was going to be a challenging week. Even more so for some children, as it was going to be the first time they had stayed away from home.

Winmarleigh 1Winmarleigh 5
The coach arrived in time for lunch, which was their first taste of Winmarleigh Hall and the buildings that would be base for the next three days. Children from other schools were already there so there were many new faces, along with the instructors who would be our expert leaders for our activities. After lunch, children explored their rooms, made their beds and unpacked quickly before setting off for the first outdoor activity.

Winmarleigh 8Winmarleigh 3

Each of the groups took part in a carousel of activities including the zipwire, the climbing wall challenge, orienteering and survival skills. The activities were challenging and required children to face their fears and work together as a team. After dinner on the first night, they took part in a ‘Passport to the World Challenge’, orienteering around the grounds while finding clues to solve questions about different countries. It was fun but exhausting – everyone was definitely ready for bed by the time they had finished. On Thursday, after another packed day, everyone dressed up in party gear for the disco.

Daniel at Winmarleigh - Whistler's gallery Winmarleigh 4
Year 5 greatly enjoyed their three days away, spending time with classmates and teachers, having fun and being active.

“It made me more confident, especially about being away from home.” (Georgina)
“Staff were really nice and very supportive especially when you were nervous about doing an activity.” (Georgia)
“It has given me a chance to get outdoors and have fun.” (Calow)
“I definitely feel that after being there I’ve built up my outdoor confidence.” (Josh)
“The instructor really encouraged me to keep going.” (Elsa)
“I liked the opportunity to go away and spend time with my friends.” (Oliver)
“The challenge wasn’t really about the mud, but about trust.” (Jude)