Writing Competition

11 November 2016

Do you love to read funny books?

Have you got some funny stories to tell about school dinners?


If you answered YES, this is the competition for you!


To win EIGHT fabulously funny books by Pamela Butchart, simply answer this question:

What is the worst school dinner you’ve ever had and why?

Have you suffered through mashed potato so lumpy you could use it in a snowball fight?

Were your sandwiches soggier than a rainy day by the sea?

Have you looked forward to a scrumptious dessert, only to find your custard was colder than the South Pole?

Tell us about your worst school dinner to win!


Closing date 2nd December 2016.


click here  to enter.

Parents will have to create a profile for the writer with login details please view the summer challenge website (click book above) for more information.