Maths Week

27 January 2017


Take a look at the wonderful activities the children have experienced this week.

sam_7157 sam_7158 sam_7161 sam_7162 sam_7164 sam_7166

sam_7180 sam_7181 sam_7184





sam_9290 sam_9289 sam_9288 sam_3493 sam_3495 sam_3496 sam_3511 sam_3513 sam_3514 sam_3515 sam_3516 sam_3517 sam_3519 sam_3520 sam_3521 sam_9287sam_7249 sam_7250 sam_7251 sam_7252 sam_7253 sam_7254 sam_7255 sam_7256 sam_7257 sam_7259 sam_7260 sam_7261 sam_7263-copy sam_7264 sam_7265-copy