Friday Bulletin – 18 March 2016

18 March 2016

Friday Bulletin – Friday 18th March 2016

It was wonderful to see so many of you in school this week at our Spring Concert and Year 5 ‘Play in a Day’ event. Our children are incredibly talented and enthusiastic, and their hard work feels so much more worthwhile when performing to an appreciative audience.

Year 4 took part in the Gateshead Dance Festival at the Sage on Wednesday evening. The venue and entire experience was awe-inspiring. The delight and sense of achievement on our children’s faces was clear to see. Thank you to the Kells Lane staff and Gateshead School Sports Partnership for organising such a special event.

I invited members of the Local Authority School Inspection team to Kells Lane this week to complete a Safeguarding audit. Safeguarding is a hugely important and wide-ranging area of education. Our inspection included: how safe children feel at school, how well the curriculum empowers children to keep themselves safe, and very thorough checks of school’s systems and procedures. Initial feedback yesterday was that children feel very safe, and that they are confident about what to do if they are worried about anything. Our curriculum is particularly strong and we have all necessary systems and procedures well embedded. As with every audit, there are some actions points to be carried out, including securing the gates at the front of the school. I will write to you soon with more details of any changes.

Safeguarding and Child Protection are my responsibility as Headteacher. Part of the role includes attending regular Safeguarding training. I attended an update session this week that contained some shocking information about the contents of computer games with an 18 certificate. I would urge you to check the content of all the games your child has access to.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs A Whistler