Jungle Adventure

This term, we are going to be travelling to a tropical jungle and learning about what it would be like to live there. Once again, our learning will be from a mixture of taught lessons and through our Rainbow Curriculum.

Art and Design

Linked to science, our art is going to be inspired by jungle animals. We are going to explore drawing with different things including chalk and charcoal and will create collages of our chosen animals. Our artist this term is Henri Rousseau and his picture ‘Tiger in a Storm’.

Design Technology

We will learn about the things that grow in the jungle and what we can eat. We will then create our own fruit salads using fruit we can get locally. We will also design and create animal masks and use our technical knowledge to build wind up jungle boxes.


In Geography, we are going to find out about the climate in a tropical rainforest and compare it with our own weather patterns in the UK. We will find out how the location of a place can impact on the weather it gets.


Across the summer term, we will be investigating Judaism and the beliefs of the Jewish people. We will answer the question – Is Shabbat important to Jewish children?


We are going to learn about some famous musicians and compare the music they create. We will also listen to sounds in nature and find ways to recreate these sounds with instruments.


As we explore tropical jungles, we are going to identify and name a wide range of plants and animals. We will then compare these with those that we can find in our local area.


To start our summer term, we are going to investigate kindness and what it means to be kind. We will also learn about the special people in our lives and what we can do to take care of each other.


Throughout the term we will use technology to research key facts and then to present our work in different ways.


This term is all about our ball control. During our indoor sessions, we are going to learn how to send a ball over a net and when working outside we will be playing simple ball games involving kicking, catching or throwing.

In addition to the taught aspects of our curriculum we also provide children with many other opportunities to develop and extend their learning. Please click on the following link to find out more.