Holland 2017


DAY 4 – Spinning around!

It was our last day in Holland and it was time to pack up and leave the very comfortable Aan Zee hotel.  We all agreed that we had a fabulous week and our final trip to The Windmill Village wasn’t a disappointment.  We braved the steepest stairs known to man to experience the view from an old, wonderful windmill.  With sails swooshing, birds tweeting and boats hooting along the canal it surely was the perfect way to end the perfect week.

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Up with the local cockerel this morning at 7 am. After our pit stop at the breakfast buffet we boarded the coach for our journey to the miniature village. There’s so much to see and do at the miniature village ‘it’s like Legoland but more high spec’ a quote from one of the children. After a picnic lunch in the sunshine and a play in the park we headed north east to Volendam for a shopping bonanza. With tummies full of Dutch pancakes and chocolate covered cheeks we spent all our hard earned pocket money in the souvenir shops.

img_0563 img_0568 img_0577 img_0578 img_0581 img_0582 img_0583 img_0584 img_0585 img_0586 img_0587 img_0589 img_0593 img_0595 img_0597 img_0600 img_0602 img_0606 img_0607 img_0608 img_0609 img_0610 img_0611 img_0612 img_0613 img_0614 img_0615 img_0617 img_0618 img_0619 img_0620 img_0623 img_0626 img_0629 img_0630 img_0663 img_0665 img_0666 img_0668 img_0669 img_0672 img_0674 img_0678 img_0680 img_0685 img_0688 img_0690 img_0692 img_0693 img_0694 img_0695 img_0696 img_0698 img_0701 img_0702 img_0703 img_0704 img_0705 img_0713 img_0715 img_0716 img_0719 img_0720 img_0721 img_0723 img_0724 img_0725 img_0728 img_0730 img_0731 img_0734 img_1801img_0670 img_0673 img_0675 img_0676 img_0677 img_0678 img_0682 img_0683 img_0686 img_0689 img_0690 img_0691 img_0695 img_0705 img_0707 img_0710 img_0714 img_0717 img_0719 img_0723 img_1802 img_1803 img_1805 img_1806 img_1807 img_1808 img_1810 img_1811 img_1812 img_1814 img_1815 img_1818 img_1819 img_1820 img_1822 img_1823 img_1825 img_1826 img_1828 img_1830 img_1831 img_1833 img_1834 img_1835 img_1836 img_1837 img_1838 img_1839 img_1840 img_1841 img_1842 img_1843 img_1844 img_1885 img_1888img_0728 img_0731 img_0732 img_0735 img_0736 img_0739 img_0740 img_0741 img_0743 img_0744 img_1889 img_0750 img_0751 img_0754 img_0757 img_0758 img_0763 img_0769 img_0770 img_0771 img_0772 img_0773 img_0774 img_0775 img_0776 img_0778 img_0779 img_0781img_1890 img_1891 img_1892 img_1893 img_1894 img_2685 img_2686 img_2688 img_1895 img_1896 img_1897 img_1898 img_1899 img_1900 img_1901 img_1902 img_1903 img_1904 img_1905 img_1906 img_1907 img_1908 img_1909 img_1910 img_1911 img_1912 img_1913 img_1914 img_1915 img_1916 img_1917 img_1918 img_1920 img_1922 img_1923 img_1930 img_1931 img_1945 img_1946 img_1947 img_1951 img_1955


Cheese, Culture  and Clogs

After a good night’s sleep everyone was eager to get going this morning. We made our way into Amsterdam to visit the Rijks Museum. The children were left speechless when viewing some of Holland’s finest art. Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ and Van Gogh’s ‘Self Portrait’ were only a few of the most amazing pieces of art we have ever seen.  After lunch in the park, we boarded the coach to visit Clara Maria cheese and clog factory where we were educated in clog making from poplar trees and cheese making with the farmer’s wife. We had a little cheese tasting and refreshments before stocking up on souvenirs; then making our way back to the hotel for a power nap before tonight’s activities.

What a brilliant day!

img_1695 img_1692 img_1695 img_1697 img_1698 img_1700 img_1701 img_1702 img_1703 img_1705 img_1706 img_1707 img_1709 img_1712 img_1713 img_1714 img_1715 img_1716 img_1717 img_1718 img_1721 img_1722 img_1723 img_1726 img_1728 img_1729 img_1730 img_1731 img_1732 img_1734 img_1735 img_1736 img_0382 dsc04911 dsc04913 dsc04919 dsc04920 dsc04924 dsc04928 dsc04931 dsc04938 dsc04939 dsc04940 dsc04947 dsc04948 dsc04959 dsc04966img_0410 img_1737 img_1738 img_1739 img_1740 img_1742 img_1743 img_1744 img_1745 img_1746 img_1747 img_1748 img_1750 img_1751 img_1753 img_1754 img_1755 img_1757 img_1758 img_1759 img_1760 img_1761 img_1762 img_1763 img_1764 img_1765 img_1766 img_1767 img_1768 img_1769 img_1770 img_1771 img_1772 img_1773 img_1776 img_1778 img_1779 img_1781 img_1782 img_1783 img_1784 img_1785 img_1786 img_1787 img_1788 img_1789 img_1791 img_1796 img_1797 img_1798

img_0522 img_0524 img_0525 img_0528 img_0531 img_0532 img_0533 img_0538 img_0543 img_0555 img_0564 img_0569 img_0572 img_0573 img_0574 img_0580 img_0582 img_0584 img_0587 img_0588 img_0594 img_0598 img_0599 img_0602 img_0607 dsc04968 dsc04969 dsc04971 dsc04981 dsc04984img_0616 img_0619 img_0623 img_0627 img_0631 img_0633 img_0634 img_0637 img_0638 img_0644 img_0647

After tea we took a stroll along the sea front to the local ice-cream parlour to get a well deserved ice-cream; some of us got a McFlurry from McDonalds.

img_0649 img_0654 img_0655 img_0660 img_0662 img_0666 img_0667img_0500 img_0501 img_0502 img_0504

And then off to the beach for a chill out with our friends…

img_0505 img_0506 img_0507 img_0508 img_0509 img_0511 img_0512 img_0513 img_0514 img_0515 img_0516 img_0517 img_0518 img_0519 img_0520 img_0521 img_0522 img_0523 img_0524 img_0525 img_0526 img_0527 img_0528 img_0529 img_0530 img_0531 img_0532 img_0533 img_0534 img_0535 img_0536 img_0537 img_0538 img_0539 img_0540 img_0541 img_0542 img_0543 img_0544 img_0545 img_0546 img_0547 img_0548 img_0549 img_0550 img_0551 img_0552 img_0553 img_0554 img_0555 img_0556 img_0557 img_0558


Wow!! What an amazing start to our Holland trip. We’ve had a very smooth flight with two children winning a ‘Guess the fuel on the flight’ competition leading to upgraded seats in business class and a visit to the cockpit. Once we arrived, we visited Anne Frank’s house where we were blown away. To top off the afternoon, we took a cruise down the canals in central Amsterdam then made our way to our hotel. We ended the evening with a trip to the beach to watch the sunset and are now all tucked up in bed. Night night. Tune in tomorrow for more…

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