Curriculum Implementation

At Kells Lane, we give our children the unique opportunity to develop skills such as independence, organisation, research, resilience & perseverance through our Negotiated Curriculum known as ‘rainbow’ and project curriculum.

The principle behind this is that children have the opportunity to practise the skills they have learned in other subjects. They revisit the information they have learned and apply what they know in a wide range of tasks. Ultimately, this embeds learning and instils a life-long curiosity and desire to achieve.

Early Years: ‘Plan Do Review’


Children are expected to create their own plan for their learning, by negotiating how best to spend their time and energy. They are provided with resources and adult support to create their own learning experiences. They must then carry out this experience, with the expectation that they will have to summarise and explain their achievements.

What We Do:

Negotiation is evident as the environment is designed by the adults, however how the children choose to use the environment is determined the child, and sometimes supported by adult to ensure high quality learning opportunities.

Key Stage 1: Negotiated Curriculum 


Negotiated Curriculum ‘rainbow’ provides opportunities for pupil’s to revisit their learning, and practise their taught skills and knowledge independently. They are encouraged to find their own resources and seek out ways to solve challenges provided linked to the national curriculum.

What We Do:

Children negotiate their time, order of completion of tasks and the ways to gather the information necessary to achieve. Children are given the opportunity to contribute to the design of their ‘rainbow’ challenges.

Key Stage 2: Project Curriculum 


Project provides the children with an opportunity to develop independence, self-motivation and time management skills, as they are expected to use multiple resources to find information to answer given questions.


What We Do:

Children are provide with several project questions linked to their theme based on the National Curriculum. Children use various resources to embed knowledge and practise previously taught skills. It gives children the chance to be creative and follow their own ideas and interests.

Curriculum by subject

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