Year 1 Sports Coach funded by Sports Premium


Year 1 have really enjoyed working with a sports coach this term which was funded by Sports Premium money. Lots of smiles during every session.


SAM_2751 SAM_2752 SAM_2753 SAM_2754 SAM_2755 SAM_2756 SAM_2757 SAM_2758 SAM_2760 SAM_2761 SAM_2763 SAM_2764 SAM_2765 SAM_2766 SAM_2767 SAM_2768 SAM_2769 SAM_2770 SAM_2771 SAM_2772 SAM_2773 SAM_2774 SAM_2775 SAM_2776 SAM_2777 SAM_2778 SAM_2779 SAM_2781 SAM_2782 SAM_2783 SAM_2784 SAM_2785 SAM_2787 SAM_2790 SAM_2794 SAM_2795 SAM_3265 SAM_3272 SAM_3276 SAM_3277 SAM_3279 SAM_3281 SAM_3283