Special Visitors

Happy New Year

This week we were entertained by M & M Productions with their story of ‘Robin Hood’.

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What an enjoyable start to the term.  Even the teachers joined in…



Northumbria Police Dog Section visit Kells Lane School


What an inspiring visit we had from Northumbria Police Dog Section this week.  Claire and Julie brought some phenomenal police dogs to visit Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 children.  Claire and Julie told us about the remarkable job Odey, Jackson, Bruce and Gertie do to help people every day.  They are all AMAZING!

Great News – They will be returning soon to visit KS2 – stupendous!

img_1658 img_1656 img_1655 img_1653 img_1652 img_1650 img_1647 img_1637 img_1636 img_0360 img_0365 img_0370 img_0375 img_0384 img_0412 img_1593 img_1595 img_1599 img_1601 img_1603 img_1606 img_1607 Click here   to find out more about Northumbria Police Dog Section